Literary Corner


                                                     Letter from Leonie
Music & Daydreams.      8-12-12
Hi there!
How are you?  It is still monsoon time... hot and muggy.
        Last month my friend Viki and I had the privilege of being at two concerts at Angeline's.  Her friend from Tucson came and they played "two pianos four hands".  Beautiful classical music.  Viki and I had promised to bake and serve refreshments for both concerts.  I met a lot of people I hadn't seen for a long time.   As we sat and listened to the music, sitting near the kitchen, ready to serve the people, I remembered a drtting up early on my days off to garden before it gets too hot.  The plants are growing nicely!  I planteeam I had several years ago.  I don't remember many of my dreams, or I think they were daydreams while I was awake.  But either way, this is the dream:
        I am in a kitchen, baking.  In my mind's eye, I can see the room nearby: a beautiful room.  Windows down to the polished wooden floor, with gauzy curtains gently wafting in the breeze.  There is a lovely dark glossy piano.  Tables with bowls of fresh flowers.  And someone is playing the piano; people are sitting and listening.  I can hear the music and I am perfectly content to be in the kitchen, preparing the food for the guests, listening to the music.
        So what does this mean?  To me it means I don't have to be in the spotlight to enjoy the music.
        I've been doing some gardening.... digging out the grass and planting perennials.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it.  Ged mainly gray and silver, to look cooler!  And some herbs.
         I saw a quote from one of Jane Austen's letters, written to her sister Cassandra on Christmas Eve, 1798:
                "You deserve a longer letter than this, but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve."
        So until next time,
            enjoy every day!   Leonie



Who I Really Am

by Mary Jane Seymore

Today is a perfect day to start again
And I don't mean pick up where we left off
I mean, start again, as if nothing has happened
As if there never was a day before today.

Anything I remember, was a past life
It wasn't here, it wasn't now, it wasn't the me I am
A mist forms over yesterday, blurring it
Smudging the lines between dream and reality.

I implore of the gods, to give me new eyes
Help me to see everything for the first time
Help me to release past judgements
Help me to start again, reborn, undone.

Years they spent moulding me in their institutions
Trying to make me think, look and talk like them
Instead, an individual ran screaming from the building
Wild hair flowing, refusing to wear a suit.

But I learned there what I needed to know
How to survive in their cookie cutter world
How to blend in when I needed to camoflauge
How to disappear when the man walked by.

I don't need it anymore, I don't want it anymore
All I want to do, is explore outside my door
I want to run and play, and when they say
I've lost my mind, she's going blind
To the world outside, it cannot hide
Her craziness, her stubborn laziness
She just wont be, what we want to see
We can't have that, others will start to chat
And decide they too, want to leave this zoo
And be someone unique, against the bleak
Grey sky we made, the green grass we laid
No, that will not do, we need her to
Conform with us, and get on the bus
Pop a yellow pill, sit and be still
Oh such a tragedy, that she couldn't be
Like you and me, lost in the massive sea
Of faceless names, and human games.

Today, is a perfect day to start again
Today, is a great place to call square one
Today, I forget everything you taught me
Today, I remember who I really am.