Tuesday, January 31, 2012

State Route 77 between Winkelman and Globe site of hazardous spill

Truck leaked sulfuric acid - highway expected to re-open at 11 a.m.

State Route 77 is closed between State Route 177 in Winkelman and US 70 in Globe, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Crews are dealing with a hazardous materials incident caused by a leak of sulfuric acid from a tanker truck along a 27-mile stretch of the highway early this morning.  The closure locations are: the SR77/SR177 junction just north of Hayden; the SR77/US70 junction southeast of Globe.

Drivers can use State Route 177 and US 60 to go between Winkelman and Globe, which will add approximately 30 minutes to the trip.


  1. The road is a mess. It is now open but driving thru the spill about an hour ago I don't know how they got it cleaned up this soon

    1. What an idiot. He caused a lot of frustration and extra driving time. The environment in this part of Arizona has just been raped, destroyed, mined to shit and is extremely ugly.