Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dropping water levels at Bartlett Lake force closure of boat ramp and dock

Jojoba ramp temporarily closed at Bartlett Lake

PHOENIX (February 9, 2011) – Dropping water levels at Bartlett Lake in January prompted Tonto National Forest officials to close off access to Jojoba boat ramp and dock until water levels improve.

“The Yellow Cliffs ramp is still out of the water also.  The water level has to rise higher for folks to be able to launch from the ramp.  Right now, if they want to launch from Jojoba or Yellow Cliffs, they’ll have to launch from shore,” stated Tammy Pike, district spokesperson.
There is a daily report featuring water levels at the six lakes on the Salt and Verde river systems, plus the amount of runoff, reservoir releases, boat ramp depths and more. This information is prepared by SRP for water management professionals and recreational boaters at
For more information, visit the Tonto’s website at or call 480-595-3300.

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