Friday, February 10, 2012

Governor announces creation of Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance

Puerto Peñasco— Governor Jan Brewer and Guillermo Padres of Sonora met Friday with members of the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) and Comisión Sonora-Arizona (CSA) for a binational conference at the CSA Fall Plenary Session in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Governors Brewer and Padres met with key stakeholders from both states to address the importance of the Arizona- Sonora trade corridors, as well as with tourism leaders to effectively promote this industry. The ultimate goal is to enhance Arizona’s competitiveness and create quality jobs.  
“We continue to look for ways to strengthen the economic base of Arizona and Sonora,” said Governor Brewer. “Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner, and both Arizona and Sonora benefit from extensive cross-border tourism and trade. After today’s meeting, we pledge to continue promoting Arizona and Sonora and focusing on ways to stimulate our border economies.”
Recognizing the fierce competition in the global markets, Governors Brewer and Padres discussed how they can strengthen their trade corridors and take advantage of recent port of entry infrastructure improvements in Nogales-Mariposa and San Luis. 
“Now, more than ever, we must focus on the advantages of our trade corridors and promote them to ensure that the Arizona-Sonora border region can effectively compete for manufacturing centers and other economic development,” said Governor Brewer.
In an effort to strengthen Arizona’s ability to compete, Governor Brewer announced the creation of the Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance. The Arizona Department of Transportation has been tasked to lead this new strategic planning effort, in collaboration with the AMC and the Arizona Commerce Authority.
“The objective of this effort is to contribute to Arizona’s economic development by examining current and future infrastructure needs. This will improve Arizona’s competitive position in trade, logistics, infrastructure and energy,” said Governor Brewer.
During the course of the AMC/CSA Plenary Session, more than 400 people from the U.S. and Mexico united to promote the shared interests of the region by participating in one of 15 binational committees. The results should contribute to the long-standing principle of the AMC that cross-border collaboration brings mutual prosperity to a shared region. 

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