Monday, February 6, 2012

Governor Brewer files SB 1070 brief with U.S. Supreme Court

State of Arizona to defend Immigration Law in oral argument April 25
PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona today filed an opening brief with the U.S. Supreme Court regarding SB 1070.
Governor Brewer has asked the High Court to lift an injunction that has blocked critical provisions of SB 1070 from taking effect. The Court is scheduled to hear the oral argument on April 25, 2012.
Statement by Governor Brewer
“Today’s filing and the upcoming oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court are the culmination of a battle I pledged to fight on behalf of the people of Arizona. This debate is not just about SB 1070. Rather, it is for the constitutional principle that every state has a duty and obligation to protect its people, especially when the federal government has failed in upholding its core responsibilities.
“The people of Arizona have borne the brunt of this federal failure. We see it in our hospitals, burdened with the costs of providing care to uninsured illegal aliens. We feel it in our neighborhoods, too often victimized by drop houses and drug-runners. Meanwhile, the federal government compensates the State for just a fraction of  costs Arizona incurs due to illegal immigration. SB 1070 is Arizona’s way of saying ‘enough!’
“I take heart that Arizona is not alone in this effort. States like Utah, Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia have followed our lead in enacting SB 1070-style legislation, and citizens from every state in the union have supported Arizona and joined our chorus in calling for the federal government to secure the border. They know a simple truth: Arizona may be the gateway for illegal immigration, but the problems associated with a porous border do not stop in the Grand Canyon State. They spread nationwide.
“The struggle over SB 1070 has not been easy. It is emotional, as is any issue that impacts lives and livelihoods. But, as we present our legal case to the Supreme Court, I remember my words from the day I signed SB 1070 into law. ‘We must use this new tool wisely,’ I said, ‘and fight for our safety with the honor Arizona deserves. We must react calmly. We must enforce the law evenly and without regard for skin color, accent or social status. I know in my heart that this great state, my home for more than 40 years, is up to the task.’
“I am optimistic, if the High Court overturns the injunction, the State of Arizona will yet have the chance to prove it.”

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