Saturday, February 18, 2012

PLEA and Phoenix Police have concerns about safety of ballistic vests officers are wearing

Law Enforcement Association and Phoenix Police question reliability of vest injured officer was wearing when he was shot 
Editor's Note: For more information on this story, you might go to this link on the PLEA website :
The above link includes a report by Oregon Ballistic Laboratories.
Responding to a viewer's comment on the manufacturer and model of the ballistic vest in the following story we have found the following information: The manufacturer is Custom Armor Technologies; Model #QVA-3A-1; Serial #030005080; Weight, 1.78 pounds. 

Phoenix – Phoenix Officer Anthony “Tony” Daley was shot November 26, 2011 at 0051 hours while investigating a trespassing call.  Officer Daley was shot in the lower left abdomen. He is still under medical care and unable to work.  Following the shooting, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) along with the Phoenix Police Department had serious concerns about the reliability of the type of vest that Officer Daley was wearing.  They submitted a similar vest to an independent laboratory, Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, to determine the safety of PLEA members who wear these vests.  The results?   PLEA has great concerns about the type of ballistic vest Officer Daley was wearing the night he was shot.

“Our officers go out every day with their vests on to protect them from what they encounter in these increasingly dangerous times.  They count on these vests to help them get home to their families every day just as the public counts on law enforcement officers to protect them from the dangers in our society,” Joe Clure, PLEA Board President stated.  “We have not been able to examine the vest that Officer Daley was wearing because it is still being held as evidence. As PLEA President, my primary concern is with the safety and well-being of my members.  Oregon Ballistic Laboratories understood these concerns about this vest and completed the tests February 16, 2012, using National Institute of Justice (NIJ) protocols and the vest failed.  We do not feel confident in sending our officers out in these vests.” 

PLEA, founded in 1975, represents more than 2,300 rank and file officers of the Phoenix Police Department.


  1. As a Law Enforcement Officer, I would appreciate knowing the manufacturer and model of the vest Officer Daley was wearing. At least, the type issued to Phoenix PD. Thanks, Dave Watson, Alabama

    1. I will contact my sources to find the answer to your question. Thank you for viewing the Payson Daily Bugle and for your concern. Carolyn Wall, editor

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