Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jewelry store robbery plot foiled

Payson Police arrest 26-year-old Payson man
In February Payson Police received information of a plot of an armed robbery at Payson Jewelers. Detective Michael McAnerny began investigating the case and discovered that the plot involved one main suspect. That suspect was later identified as Aaron Keith McCown Jr., 26, of Payson.
It was found that Payson Jewelers was targeted in the morning hours on specific dates.
Surveillance was set up for the jewelry store and precautions were taken to stop the robbery if it were to occur.
After a month long investigation, on Wednesday, March 14, Payson Police arrested  McCown and booked him into the Gila County Jail for Solicitation to Commit Armed Robbery.
This case is rare because Det. McAnerny was able to prevent the crime before it
actually took place, stopping any threat to store personnel and the citizens that shop in
that area. The investigation is ongoing to see if other subjects are involved.

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  1. I know this guy he is a danger too himself and anyone around him. He Is also mentally unstable and has caused harm to many people and I have personally seen him smoke meth. He belongs in jail.