Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movie Reviewer Andy McKinney takes one for the team, takes in "Project X"


Andy says you know a teen film has gone wrong when the theatre goer is rooting for the cops.
Andy says, "The film is artistically a failure because the three high school chums that are at the center of the film are such hideously shallow and self absorbed people that we cannot enjoy them.  They violate the trust of their parents and create serious damage in their neighborhood and show not the slightest hint of remorse.  They threw an awesome party, Devil take the hindmost.  The film is billed as a comedy but should be called a tragedy."
For Andy's comments and showtimes at the Sawmill Theatre in Payson, go to the Payson Daily Bugle's Movie Review Page. Andy also reviews Academy Award Winning Film of the Year, "The Artist," now playing at the Sawmill Theatre.

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