Wednesday, April 25, 2012

27-year-old cold case solved

Arizona DPS Detectives assist in identifying victim of train accident
Missing person case solved after 27 years
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 -
On May 17, 1985, a male pedestrian was struck by a train at
Central Ave.
The subject was pronounced deceased on scene and was injured beyond recognition. Among his possessions was a time card with the name “Luis Gonzales” and a date of birth of Feb. 16, 1932. His fingerprints were compared to the Luis Gonzales with that date of birth on file but there was no match.
A working group of detectives from Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), Phoenix Police Department, and Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s office has been working to identify John and Jane Does using advanced technologies. After re-examining the 1985 case, a Phoenix Police Department detective, who is a member of the group, located fingerprints from the John Doe and submitted them to the Arizona Deparrtment of Public Safety for analysis.
In February 2011 the Medical examiners office exhumed the subject to obtain DNA and dentals.
DPS Fingerprint Technician Jennifer Valdez, who has helped in a number of other unidentified victim cases, was able to take the evidence presented and make a positive match. The prints were shown to be those of Luis Gonzales with a date of birth of Sept. 24, 1944. Detectives have been unable to locate any next of kin for Luis but will continue to look.
After 27 years, Luis Gonzales has his name back thanks to the cooperative efforts of detectives and technicians from a number of different agencies.

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