Friday, June 15, 2012

Poco Fire near Young at 1,500 acres

Firefighter injured on Poco Fire, flown to Phoenix
 June 15, 2030 hrs.

Fire Facts
Incident Commander:  Dave Ramirez

Date reported: June 14, 2:33 pm
Number of personnel: 333

34 10 55.2  x  110 53 13.2

6 miles northeast of Young, Ariz.
Resources committed:
9 Hot Shot crews
4 Type 2 Crews
8 engines + 5 on order
2 Dozer
3 water tenders
Cause: Under investigation
2 Type 1 helicopters
1 Type 2 helicopter
1 Type 3 helicopter
1 BAE 146 Heavy air tanker
3 SEATs (Single Engine Air Tankers)
DC-10 (VLAT = Very Large Air Tanker)
Size: 1,500 acres

Percent contained: 15
Estimated containment date:
Terrain: Extreme, rough.  Remote country.  Limited services.
Estimated Cost to date: $250,000
Fuel: Ponderosa pine (litter and understory)
Partners:  Gila County, AZ Game & Fish Dept., Salt River Project, AZ Public Service

Firefighter Injury:  A firefighter was medevaced to Phoenix today due to injuries sustained while on the Poco fire.  He is under medical care.  No further information is available at this time.  An investigation is being conducted.

Summary:  Air resources today included several air tankers, including a DC-10 which made six retardant drops.  Solid containment lines have been built and maintained.  Tonight, smaller crews (due to work/rest ratio requirements) will be working to hold and improve west, south, and east flanks of fire.

Terrain is extremely rugged and according to fire specialists, “it’s as dry as it’s ever been,” making firefighting efforts more arduous.   Tomorrow, a 5-degree temperature increase is expected which will add to fire complexity.

The Northern Arizona Type 2 team, incident commander Matt Reidy, will take over management of the fire tomorrow at 6 am.

Concerns: 1 500 kV line (SRP); 1 500 kV line (APS)

Road conditions:

Road closure:  Hwy 260 is NOT closed. However, FR 512 is closed three miles south of its juncture with Hwy 260.  The closure begins at the junction of FR 512 and FR 291 (Colcord Junction). 

Area closure order went into effect today:  A temporary area closure went into effect today to ensure public and firefighter safety during incident operations.  Residence owners, lessees of land, and holders of Forest Service special use authorizations within the restricted area may use Forest Systems Road as ingress and regress from their property.

Smoke monitors and information:  Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) specialists have placed smoke monitors in Payson and Show Low.  For smoke information and air quality forecasts, please visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality website at

Air quality:  Visibility is an excellent measure of air quality.  If visibility is ten miles or more, the air quality is good.  Visibility of six to nine miles indicates moderate air quality.  Three to five miles of visibility indicates conditions unhealthy for sensitive groups.  One and a half to two and a half miles, the air quality is unhealthy.  One to one and a quarter miles indicates the air quality is very unhealthy.  If visibility due to smoke is less than a mile, the air quality is hazardous.  Smoke-sensitive persons in affected areas may need to take action to mitigate the conditions.  Remaining indoors, using air conditioning or temporarily moving to an unaffected area may be necessary.

Extreme wildfire danger:  Forest Service officials continue to remind the public that wildfire potential conditions are extreme on the forest and that elevated fire restriction are in place.  No fireworks are allowed on the forest at any time.

For more information regarding forest recreation sites and fire restrictions, please contact the Tonto National Forest at (602) 225-5200, or check online at  

The Pleasant Valley Ranger District administrative office will be open this weekend: 

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