Friday, August 31, 2012

Gila County primary election early ballots still being tallied




Early Ballots sent by voters to the County Recorder between Saturday, August 25 and 7:00 Election Night, August 28 are currently in process.  Early ballots received by the Department of Elections through the Friday before the election are processed prior to the election.  Ballots received from the Recorder following the election are processed as quickly as possible once they are received from the Recorder’s Office. This is a normal part of the election process for each and every election

Ballots received by the Recorder’s Office must be verified.  Recorder’s staff verify whether the ballot is approved for processing by checking to ensure the voter is eligible to vote and that the signature on the Early Ballot envelope matches the signature on file in the voter registration system.  Following verification, the Recorder’s office transports ballots to the Department of Elections for processing.  

The Recorder’s Office transported 1321 Early Ballot Affidavits to the Elections Department, August 29.  The Department of Elections is currently processing the Early Ballots. 

Additionally, the Recorder’s Office delivered 399 Provisional Ballots to the Elections Department, August 30.  The Recorder’s Office has until 5:00 Friday night to process Conditional Provisional Ballots.  Conditional Provisional Ballots cannot be verified for count unless the voter brings appropriate identification to the Recorder’s office by 5:00 three days after the Primary Election or five days after a General Election.

Unofficial results will be uploaded to the website as soon as the election board workers complete the processing.  Our goal is to upload the additional results by the end of the day on Friday, August 31.

The results of the election will not be final until the Board of Supervisors certifies the Canvass of Election Results at their regular meeting on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

Questions should be directed to Linda Eastlick, Director  Gila County Department of Elections at 928-402-8709

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