Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lightning sparks fires in Tonto National Forest

Multiple Lightning Starts on Tonto National Forest
8 fire starts confirmed on five of six forest ranger districts
Fire Facts
Incident Commander:
Date reported: Aug. 8, 2012
Number of personnel:
Globe Ranger District
Mesa Ranger District
Payson Ranger District
Pleasant Valley Ranger District
Tonto Basin Ranger District
Resources committed:
Staffing on scene at most locations (at least two locations are extremely remote)
Resources ordered and en route
Cause: all believed to be lightning-caused
Size: .10 to 10 acres in size range
                 Due to storms which went through a good deal of the Tonto National Forest today, there are approximately 8 confirmed lightning fire starts on five of the six forest ranger districts, ranging in size from .10 to 10 acres.
                 Fire specialists are on scene at most of the locations (at least two are extremely remote and inaccessible tonight).  Resources are ordered and en route. 
                 For more information, please contact the Tonto National Forest at (602) 225-5200, or check online at

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