Monday, August 6, 2012

Movie Reviewer lauds small budget "Moonrise Kingdom"

Moonrise Kingdom
           Movie Reviewer Andy McKinney says,  "This low budget gem is more fun than a barrel.  I enjoyed it and I think you will too.  Especially at this time of year when we are submerged in big budget extravaganzas it is just plain lovely to take a break and enjoy a small film done with courage and imagination.  This quirky little oddity is just that, like a dab of dessert after a big bowl of spaghetti."
           "I say small film rather than independent because this is a real movie made by experienced Hollywood pros rather than by film school genius drop-outs.  Producer, writer director Wes Anderson is well known for his sideways take on reality and his creation of memorable characters.  He has directed such off center hits as The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited."
          "The PG-13 drama has nothing to offend the wee ones but plenty to confuse them.  I found this strong three and a half saw blade movie just the thing to engage my brain between the thunderous, frequently mind numbing major films of the summer.  People frequently ask me why they don’t make good movies any more.  Folks, here it is.  If you don’t watch it, they won’t make it."
         For more of Andy's comments and showtimes at the Sawmill Theatre in Payson, go to the Payson Daily Bugle's Movie Review Page.

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