Monday, August 13, 2012

Movie Reviewer says summer was invented to watch block busters like "Bourne Legacy" in comfort

The Bourne Legacy
Movie Reviewer Andy McKinney says, "For action fans like me this film is a great treat.  It has everything we could want in terms of story, direction and excellent acting from a cast that includes plenty of famous names.  And there is a chase scene at the end that is beyond spectacular.  For once the director spent his enormous special effect budget on creating thrills rather than simply wrecking the highest possible number of cars or creating the grandest possible explosions.  For pure scariness there is nothing like a 20 minute high speed motorcycle ride through Manila with everybody in the world chasing you."
For more of Andy's comments and show times at the Sawmill Theatre in Payson, go to the Payson Daily Bugle's Movie Review Page.

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