Sunday, November 13, 2011

Andy McKinney delighted and dazzled by "Immortals" despite extreme violence

Andy McKinney finds this struggle between the Gods and the Titan visually stunning, but warns the movie goer to beware of extreme violence.
"Smart people made this film to delight and dazzle us and they succeeded," Andy says.
"It is a fable, a tale in the grand Greek tradition.  It began to make sense to me only after I thought of it as a visualizing of some grand Greek epic tale.  And on that level, it works.  Three saw blades go to this $75 million bet on the blood lust of the viewing public.  With a solid $32 million in the first Friday to Sunday weekend, the producers should be pleased in their trust in director Tarsem Singh."
For Andy's comments and showtimes at the Sawmill Theatre in Payson go to the Payson Daily Bugle's Movie Review Page.

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