Monday, November 28, 2011

Movie Reviewer says "Arthur Christmas" lifts your spirits, leaves you with a good feeling

Movie Reviewer Andy McKinney says, "First time director and first time writer Sarah Smith must take all the glory for this engaging, family oriented Christmas film.  With both credits on her side of the book it is really all her show.  It is a good show, funny in places, heartwarming in others and with a depiction of an elf society of more depth than usual in Santa films.  This is an animated film so there are no actor’s efforts to critique, which puts even more weight on the capable shoulders of the writer-director.
"This PG rated film is fine family fare for the festive holiday season.  You, your kids or your grand children will enjoy Arthur Christmas.  The film unrolls in a short 97 minutes which makes it ok to take even the wee ones with short attention spans.  I liked this four star Christmas movie quite a lot.  A Christmas film should lift your spirits and leave you with a good feeling.  This one does exactly that."

For Andy's comments and showtimes at the Sawmill Theatre in Payson go to the Movie Review Page on the Payson Daily Bugle 

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