Friday, December 30, 2011

Coconino County Sheriff's deputies rescue stranded motorists

Sheriff's Office: All travelers should know the conditions of their travel routes and be prepared for winter travel issues.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Coconino County Sheriff's deputies and Search and Rescue located three stranded motorists 16 miles west of Tusayan Thursday, Dec. 29 after receiving a 911 call at about 5 p.m. on a cell phone from three stranded motorists.

The three travelers  had been driving a small Toyota sedan on non-maintained forest service roads west of Tusayan when their vehicle became stuck in the mud and snow.

They told the dispatcher they had been using their GPS tracking device to guide them to Supai when their vehicle became disabled due to poor road conditions.
The motorists originally gave emergency responders GPS Coordinates that placed their vehicle on the north rim of the Grand Canyon near Jacob Lake, and Page deputies were sent to locate them.  Further investigation confirmed their location actually was on the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Forest Road 328 H, approximately 16 miles northwest of Grand Canyon Airport.  Contact with the group was maintained via cell phone text messaging.
The individuals were requested to remain with their vehicle and advised that Arizona Department of Public Safety Air Rescue and Sheriff’s Office deputies were en-route to locate and assist them to safety. The individuals left their vehicle and began walking back toward Tusayan prior to the arrival of search personnel.  After walking approximately three miles, they became cold and wet and decided to return to their vehicle.  A Coconino County Sheriff’s deputy located all persons walking on a forest service road approximately 16 miles northwest of Tusayan.  All three were in good condition and did not require medical attention.  The three individuals were taken to Tusayan where they made arrangements for transportation to their final destination.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind all travelers to know the conditions of their travel routes and to be prepared for winter travel issues

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