Friday, December 30, 2011

Payson's local cable company asks customers to contact corporation seeking increase

Meredith Corporation seeks 65% increase for KCTV, KSMO, WSMV and major network CBS' KPHO

EMail from Suddenlink:

As you might have already heard, we are negotiating a new contract with Meredith Corporation, which owns several TV stations, including KPHO, KCTV, KSMO, and WSMV.

Many of you have told us you enjoy watching one or more of these TV stations and want us keep them on your lineup. We want the same thing. In fact, we have enjoyed a good relationship with Meredith and its stations.
Unfortunately, they are now asking for a 65% raise in their pay. That's not fair and not justified – especially in this economy. If you're not getting a 65% raise, neither should they.

What's more, in the last two months, we have completed new contracts with more than 60 other companies representing more than 100 other TV stations. They have not asked for increases on the scale that Meredith is demanding.

Please contact Meredith and its TV stations at the numbers listed below. Ask them to be reasonable in their demands – and, at the very least, to consider extending their current contract with Suddenlink until a new one can be signed.

Extending the contract we have today guarantees that Meredith continues to get paid and – most importantly of all – that you continue to have access to their TV stations.

       Contact Information
  • Meredith Corporate Office: 515-284-3000
  • KPHO: 602-264-1000
  • KCTV and KSMO: 913-677-5555
  • WSMV: 615-353-4444
We will provide further updates when there is a material change in the status of these negotiations. Check our blog for more information at

Thank you for your support and patience.

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