Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Governor "disappointed" with today's U.S. District Court decision on SB 1070

U.S. District Court strikes down provision that would have prohibited day laborers from blocking traffic.

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer
U.S. District Court’s Ruling Misguided on SB 1070
            “I am disappointed with today’s erroneous decision by the U.S. District Court to strike down a significant public safety component of SB 1070.
            “The provision, which would have prohibited day laborers from blocking traffic when seeking work on public roadways, was put in place as a necessary traffic safety measure. Judge Bolton’s ruling represents an erosion of the State’s ability to regulate public safety.
            “This ruling provides yet another reason why I look forward to the Supreme Court providing guidance on the constitutionality of SB 1070. I am confident that, when the case reaches the High Court in April, the constitutionality of SB 1070 will be affirmed. I will continue to fight for this important law and for Arizona’s right to defend itself and the well-being of its citizens.”

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