Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update on fires in the Tonto National Forest

In response to requests for status updates on recent Tonto National Forest fires, the following report was released by Forest Service officials: 

"We have not yet generally received the hoped-for monsoonal precipitation to hurry along their final complete containment, but several are considered 'controlled,' and are being monitored. 

"The Long fire was called out this morning (7/9/2012). 

"The Poco fire was declared contained 7/5/2012.
The Sunflower fire was declared controlled 7/05/2012 and is in monitor status.
The 257 fire is controlled and in monitor status.
The Comet fire was declared controlled on 6/30/12.  We are  still actively patrolling and mopping up the Comet fire as it continues to have interior smokes. 

"We do not anticipate calling either the Comet or sunflower fire out until they receive significant rain."

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